Acceptable Use Policy

The fine prints.

1. Introduction

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) governs the use of services (“Service(s)”) provided by EN Technologies Pte. Ltd. (“EN”, “we”, “us” or “ours”) to its customer, their customer (“End Users”), and any other entity using our Services. We have established this AUP to provide you with guidance about permitted uses of our Services. If you are purchasing our Services, either directly, or as an End User, it is part of your contract with us.

This AUP is designed to provide you with information about our policies should you believe that one of our customer, or their End Users, is engaging in conduct that is prohibited by law, or otherwise objectionable. Should you wish to contact us, please use the addresses listed in the appropriate section of this AUP. We are not required to respond to inquiries that do not follow this AUP.

2. Disclaimer

EN reserves the right to modify, update and/or materially change any of the terms and conditions cont- ained in this agreement without notice to customer. Any modifications are effective upon posting on EN Website ("Site"). customer shall periodically review the Site for any changes.

3. Suspension & Cancellation

Violation of this AUP, the policies of any upstream provider of EN, or the policies of any network connected on, to, from or through the Services may, at the sole discretion of EN, result in the immediate suspension or cancellation of any or all Services or other action deemed appropriate by EN, without remuneration to you. Any fees paid in advance of such suspension, cancellation, or other actions are non-refundable.

You may cancel your account anytime at your own will but there will be no refunds of any amount for any unused credits paid. Domains registered at EN can be transferred to any registrar by you upon termination of account.

4. Data Liability

You are solely liable and responsible for any and all data stored or transmitted on, to, from, or through the Services, including, without limitation, block special files, character special files, directories, symbolic links, socket links, fifos, regular files, programs, databases, text, graphics, pictures, movies, audio, streaming media, web pages, hyperlinks, email, instant messages, chat messages, file transfers, host names, and domain names.

5. Liability

You are solely liable and responsible for any and all damages or fines resulting directly or indirectly from violations of this AUP. Violations of this AUP may result in significant civil and criminal liability to you. Any attempted or actual violation of this AUP by any party on your behalf shall be considered a violation of this AUP by you.

You are responsible for the conduct of your customer and agree that your customer will adhere to the AUP. You shall make your current and prospective customer aware of this AUP.

6. Prohibited Uses

EN reserves the right to decide as to what constitutes as abuse and any material not mentioned below is left entirely up to the discretion of our management and/or staff. Abuse can include, but is not limited to the following offences:

7. Bandwidth / Data transfer & Disk Usage

We do not actively monitor each accounts' bandwidth and data transfer usage, but does not it can be abused. As our customer are sharing the same resources, we will be investigating once there is a noticeable slowdown in services. If your account is found to be hogging up our bandwidth, we have the rights to set bandwidth trottling to ensure stability and fair use with all our customers. we may also require you to upgrade to a dedicated bandwidth or be contacted to work out a best solution with you.

We provide unmetered data transfer for all our plans and services. Data transfers for all accounts are not monitored nor is it limited as long as contents does not contains Prohibited Uses materials listed above.

8. Resource Usage

Customers may not use resource exceeding their accounts' allocation. Suspensions or service disruption may be made without prior notice.

If your account is bringing down our services, we may require you to upgrade to a Dedicated Server / Virtual Private Server or be contacted to work out a best solution with you.

9. Accurate Information / Confidentiality

Providing us with accurate information not only makes it easier for us to contact you, but it also speeds our response to any complaints or issues you present to us. It is your obligation to provide accurate, updated, information to us.

Customer information is confidential. Third parties who contact us may request that their correspond-ence be kept confidential. However, our obligation to keep this third party correspondence confidential will only be pursuant to a mutually agreed-upon non-disclosure agreement, this agreement or law.

10. Cooperation with Law Enforcement & Revisions

EN may involve and will also fully cooperate with legitimate requests from law enforcement and other governmental entities in investigating suspected lawbreakers.

EN reserves the right to update / revise our Acceptable Use Policy page at any given time without notifying you (the customer).